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Situated in Patiala, the royal city of Punjab, DST EXPORTS offers a state of the art manufacturing unit where the most exquisite handicraft items are carefully hand crafted by the company’s master craftsmen which reflect the glorious cultural heritage of Punjab.One notable characteristic of DST Exports is its stress on custom-made products, which is truly unique in the industry.

Today DST Exports stands apart as an industry innovator using technology and innovation to make products of the highest quality whether they are handicrafts . From the floors of the manufacturing facility to the place of client, DST exports continuously looks towards better ways to do things and strives for the “total solution”.indian-wedding-couple-easy-to-edit-vector-illustration-30668721

We Manufacture and Export all kinds of Wedding Decoration. We Export all over the world by both means of transportation i.e by sea and by air. We have best service of transportation.

The recognition enjoyed by DST exports throughout the world is attributable to the dedication and hard work of numerous artisans and craftsmen, who are engaged in the creation of the most exquisite pieces in traditional styles with a modern touch.

With a strong and dedicated work force, our products are exported to our foreign clients with whom we work closely. Our experience and creative talent make our handicrafts  the best pick in terms of quality, selected out of big lots. That is the reason why our Organisation has a wide clientage in various countries like USA, Canada, South Pacific Countries, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Gulf Countries and most of the European Countries. Try us and you will find in us a dependable source of your ideas turned into reality. Time has proved that our zeal has motivated to provide you the quality products at right time, right place, and at right price with best packing for safe journey of the product. Ultimate satisfaction of our customers is our key to success.